Why PTS Training is Vital for Railway Maintenance Employees and Contractors

If your firm’s employees are ever likely to be working on or near a railway line managed by Network Rail, Personal Track Safety training is not only a mandatory requirement, but it is also a vital learning tool that you must provide for everyone involved. There are a number of reasons why the law and Network Rail insist that all maintenance and construction employees and contractors must take a PTS railway course:

1 – Health and Safety

The wellbeing of your employees is paramount. Failing to provide them with proper training can lead to serious injury or even death. Working in an environment involving live electric cables, high-speed vehicles, power tools and treacherous trip hazards is not something that can or should be undertaken without proper training, and any employer who does not enrol their staff members on a valid railway training course will be failing in their duty of care.

2 – Insurance and Legal

If you are found to have neglected the mandatory order for all staff members and contractors who are likely to be working on or alongside a railway line to undergo a Personal Track Safety training course, you are likely to be considered uninsurable as you will have failed to take sufficient precautions in order to protect your team. There is also a very strong likelihood that hefty compensation claims will be made against you in the event that anything does happen to any individual working for you who haven’t been trained. Failing to properly train your team could ruin your business.

3 – Working Knowledge, Understanding and Progression

To be fully qualified as a construction or maintenance professional, each member of your team needs to have a thorough knowledge of the way their environment works, from the risks and dangers involved to the way each piece of equipment and technology functions. Providing every individual with thorough railway training will allow them to not only effectively protect themselves against danger, but will also add to their skillset and assist them in their career progression. PTS training and other safety courses are beneficial both to you as an employer and to the people that work for you, as they are likely to provide an effective gateway to other specialist construction, maintenance and health and safety-based qualifications that will grow your team’s specialisms and make them more employable.

For further information about Personal Track Safety Training, simply contact the experts at Real Skills Training today. We’ll let you know if your employees or contractors require PTS Training, and how to arrange it for them. We are currently able to offer fully government-funded PTS training for eligible individuals, so be sure to check the requirements to see if any of your staff members might benefit!

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