What is Involved in PTS Training?

When working in a potentially dangerous environment, it’s important that you know how to work safely, which is why we offer PTS training, here at Real Skills Training Ltd.

What is PTS?

PTS or Personal Track Safety is a prerequisite of all individuals who are looking to pursue a career in the rail industry. The training that we offer is designed to be informative and useful – making sure that candidates are prepared for the various challenges that can arise on the railway track.

PTS training is delivered at our training centres in Liverpool and Leeds where we have easy access to training materials. If this isn’t appropriate, we can arrange training onsite – at your premises – bringing our services to you.

Our trainers provide quality training and make the experience more valuable for candidates when they use their own personal experiences to provide relevant examples and to put things into perspective.

What is involved in PTS Training?

The training courses that we deliver are tailored to suit the requirements of candidates. We can offer PTS training cover AC and DCCR which provides information surrounding overhead wires and third rail.

The course includes the following:

  • Introduction to working on the railway track
  • Understanding how to access and exit the track safely
  • Developing communication and teamwork skills
  • Knowing how to respond to emergency procedures
  • Practical track assessment
  • Written and verbal assessments

Our PTS training can help workers to remain safe on or near the track. The course provides information about accessing the rail infrastructure safely; including how to avoid the risk of being hit by a train or electrocution.

We offer our training courses to ensure workers are aware of their surroundings – allowing them to respond to circumstances effectively.

Health assessment

Working on or near rail infrastructure is a rewarding career to have but individuals need to be medically fit if they are to work safely.

Before candidates can complete PTS Training, they need to pass a Network Rail approved pre-employment medical assessment (medical) to make sure that they are fit to work; otherwise, safety could be compromised. As well as a Network Rail approved pre-employment medical a drugs and alcohol test (D&A) is required – to ensure that candidates are not under the influence when working on the railway. We can arrange for you or your staff to attend a Medical and D&A at our centre or a health centre local to you.


Included within the PTS training, there is an initial e-learning assessment. The main purpose of the e-learning module is to provide workers with a clear understanding of the rules and regulations that are in force for personal safety.

The e-learning module consists of an assisted session, led by professional trainers and usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. To conclude e-learning, there is an online assessment to test the knowledge of individuals, this must be completed before being able to attend the PTS AC training.  The e learning provides the initial knowledge which will be tested at the start of the PTS AC course.

Practical training

The Personal Track Safety (PTS) provides the basic underpinning knowledge to enable you to walk, work or operate safely on or near to the railway. Candidates will be able to understand the fundamental principles of a safe system of work and appreciate the need for local rules and potential hazards on or near to the line. They will also know how to affect the rail infrastructure, develop working techniques and terminology.


Included in the PTS AC is a track walkout, which will familiarise you with a live rail environment and identification of signage and identification of the components within the infrastructure. The Initial Personal Track Safety Course is assessed by both a practical assessment and a written assessment. You will need to pass both to pass the course.


Our training is designed to educate individuals, as well as develop their knowledge, skill and understanding.

For more information about PTS training, call us on 0151 257 6969 today.

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