What is a PTS Card?

If now is the time for you to pursue your dream role of working for the railway industry, you need to make sure that you’re fully prepared and obtain the relevant licenses! Here at Real Skills Training, we provide PTS Training to prepare you for working on the railways or close to the railway track.

What is a PTS Card?

The PTS Card (Personal Track Safety Card) is a legal requirement of any individual who wants to work on or near the railway, so without one, you won’t be able to access the railways and you won’t be insured to work.

A PTS Card is issued by Sentinel which is the identity card scheme, chosen by Network Rail. The card states that you’re eligible to work and medically fit after undertaking the medical, practical and written assessments.

Upon completion of the PTS Training Course, candidates will be awarded the PTS AC Qualification that will automatically be added to the PTS Card.

Who needs a PTS Card?

Railway staff who are working on the railway will need to complete the Personal Track Safety Course before they can obtain the Sentinel Card. Nobody is licensed to work on the railway if they don’t have a Personal Track Safety Card because it needs to be presented to the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) to grant access.

Sentinel Cards are used to store any qualifications that you have obtained, keeping a record of them on an electronic chip.

PTS Course Eligibility

The PTS Course that we offer at Real Skills Training is provided for candidates who are employed by a rail engineering company- it’s not offered to anyone and everyone!

In order to apply for the PTS Card, you must be aged 16 or over and have completed the relevant training. Although qualifications related to engineering are desirable but not compulsory for the PTS Course, you will need an approved sponsor to obtain the card on your behalf.

How to apply for the PTS Card?

When it comes to applying for PTS Training, your sponsor can help you! Here’s what you need to do to obtain the PTS Card:

  • Find a Sponsor

Usually, your sponsor is the company that you work for/would like to work for or a recruitment and training company. Without an approved sponsor, you cannot obtain the PTS Card!

  • Undergo Medical Assessments

As a general rule of thumb; you need to pass the medical health assessment, drug test, and alcohol test, before you can even consider applying for a Sentinel Card.

These tests must be carried out before we can offer candidates a place on our PTS Training Course.

  • Complete PTS Training

To pass the PTS Course, you need to be willing to attend the sessions that we provide, covering practical and written detail. To pass the PTS Course, you need to achieve a pass rate on both the written and the practical exam in order to work competently, trackside.

  • Provide Proof of Identity

Make sure that you have an up to date passport photo at hand! Your PTS Card will require a photograph that is recent and offers likeness to yourself, allowing the Controller of Site Safety to provide access to authorised personnel only.

Training Course for PTS Card

At Real Skills Training, we offer PTS Training Courses to enable candidates to broaden their understanding of the Sentinel Scheme and PTS Handbook. We provide individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt in the classroom and put this into practice on the railway.

When it comes to staying safe trackside and maintaining a safe working environment, you can expect to find out all that you need to know from the Personal Track Safety Course. Our training will cover various aspects, including the following:

  • Introducing candidates to work on the railway
  • Providing access to the track
  • Demonstrating how to work safely
  • Helping candidates to understand emergency procedures
  • Developing teamwork and communication skills
  • Understanding Safe System of Work

E-Learning is where candidates are required to complete the online assessment before they can progress onto the PTS Training. We send the E-Learning module to your sponsor (hence why it’s essential that you find an approved sponsor).

How much does the PTS Card cost?

Generally, the cost of the Personal Track Safety Card is £33 per person, per year and is payable to Sentinel who issue the card and use the money for operation and development. If your card is lost or stolen, a new one will need to be ordered and paid for.

After 5 years, you’ll need to renew your PTS Card, refreshing your qualifications and reapplying for the PTS Training to recap your memory and to ensure that you’re aware of any updates or changes.

To find out more about Personal Track Safety, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts on 0151 257 6969 or email us at info@real-skills.co.uk today!

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