What is a PTS Card and how do I get one?

Personal track safety (PTS) is a basic requirement of any individual who plans to work on the railway. Whether you’re applying to work on the railway line or near the railway line, you still need to obtain a PTS card before you can start work.

What is a PTS card?

A PTS card ensures that employees work in accordance with relevant safety standards. Anyone who doesn’t have a PTS card is not able to work on or in close vicinity to the railway infrastructure.

Here at Real Skills Training, we offer personal track safety training courses to improve safety on site. With new PTS cards, an accessible database and more sponsorship responsibilities, our training offers competence for employees.

Why are PTS cards important?

The main purpose of PTS cards is to highlight whether or not someone is qualified to work on the railways. Anyone who has a PTS card has undergone the PTS training and achieved the essential qualifications to start a career within the industry.

When working on the railway, you need to remember your PTS card- without it, you are not insured to work and will, therefore, be turned away. PTS cards allow employers to check that everyone has completed their PTS training prior to working on the railway.

Having one will also ensure maintenance, renewals and enhancements are all carried out correctly by someone with the appropriate skills.

How do you get a PTS card?

Real Skills can help you to qualify for a job on the railways- but first, you need a PTS card!

  1. Complete a medical assessment

In order to apply for the PTS course, you need to be medically fit. Candidates who aren’t deemed medically fit are not safe to work in hazardous environments- like the railway. Before we can offer you a place on the course, a medical assessment is a pre-requisite, as is a drug and alcohol test.

  1. Find sponsorship

You’ll also need to find a suitable sponsor for your training- this is usually your current employer or future employer. A company can sponsor a candidate for entry-level PTS and can apply for the course on your behalf covering the cost of the training provided.

Sponsors will accept responsibility for you when working on railway infrastructure and also ensure that working hours are monitored and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided.

  1. Apply for PTS training

To obtain a PTS card, you need to book a place on a personal track safety course. The personal track safety course is offered to candidates who are keen to pursue a career in the railway industry and are filled with useful information.

As with any of the training courses that we provide, the PTS course is carried out in-house at our training centre in Liverpool, however, we can offer onsite training if you’re looking to qualify a number of candidates at once. We only use approved training materials and our experienced trainers deliver the course- making sure that you know exactly what to do, should a hazard arise.

To find out more about PTS cards and how to get one, call us on 0151 257 6969 today.

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