The Process of Getting a PTS Card with Real-Skills

If you’re hoping to begin a career working on or near railway lines, you’ll be required to complete a Personal Track Safety (PTS) course. Network Rail legally requires all individuals working in close proximity to railways to have this particular qualification. The purpose of this is to ensure that you understand your responsibilities as an employee within this potentially dangerous environment, and that you have a good grasp on matters relating to safety on and around railway lines. When you complete your course, you’ll receive a Personal track Safety Card (these are also known as PTS Cards).

So what’s the process of getting a PTS Card, and what can it lead to?

1: Find a Sponsor

You can’t apply for a PTS course unless you have a sponsor. This is usually the individual who is seeking to employ you once you’ve finished the course. Make sure that your sponsor is happy to go ahead and book you onto a course first and foremost.

2: Take a Medical and Drugs Test

Everyone who is planning to obtain a Personal Track Safety Card must first undergo a medical test, along with a drug and alcohol test. This is to ensure that PTS Cards are only given to people who are medically suited to working on or near railways.

3: Get Booked On

To book your course through Real-Skills, you and your sponsor need to fill out a booking form. Up to 12 people may attend any one course.

4: Take the Course

The duration of the course you need to take in order to receive a Personal Track Safety Card is one day. It can be undertaken through e-learning.

5: Await Your Qualification

PTS Cards, also known as “Sentinel Cards” will be with their qualified owners soon after the course is completed. The qualification will be added to your card within 48hrs of completion of the course.

Once you have your Personal Track Safety card, it will be updated every time you undertake training that adds to your railway qualifications. In order to further your career, you may be interested in taking a look through Real-Skills’ selection of courses, from Track Induction Courses to qualifications for the positions of Points Operator, Hand Signalman, Controller of Site Safety, Lookout, Site Warden and many more besides. You can also learn how to use small plant tools and work on overhead lines, with details of each qualification appearing on your card within 48 hours.

So, as you’ve seen, PTS Cards only represent the beginning of a long and exciting career connected with the rail industry. Start working towards your qualification today and prepare to open the door to your future.

For further information about the qualifications and training provided by Real-Skills, get in touch with us today using our handy online contact form. You can also call us on 0151 257 6969 for advice and assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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