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You successfully received your Personal Track Safety certificate some time ago, and you’re now enjoying a job working on or near railway tracks. However, if you wish to continue in this line of work, it’s important that you stay aware of your qualification’s expiry date and arrange for PTS recertification well before that day arrives.

After all, a current PTS certificate shows that you have a full understanding of safety when working near railway lines, and failing to keep yours up to date may prove extremely costly for both you and your employer.

So how do you recertify your PTS qualification, and when should you do so? The railway training specialists at Real Skills will explain.

When Does My PTS Qualification Expire?

This is a more complex question than it seems, as you PTS card and your PTS qualification expire at different times.

Your card will remain valid for five years, but a PTS qualification expires after two.

Often, your employer will keep track of the status of your PTS certificate and will arrange for you to attend a PTS recertification course at the right time. However, in case of any slip-ups, it’s vital that you take note of the timescales as well – as Network Rail will not permit you to work near their lines without a current qualification.

How Do I Arrange for PTS Recertification?

The PTS recertification course is slightly different from the first Personal Track Safety induction you attended. This is because it is intended to refresh the memories of people who have been working on or near the railway for some time.

You – or your employer – can book a specialist PTS recertification course here, through Real Skills.

How Can I Prepare for a PTS Recertification Course?

As with your first PTS course, you’ll need to undergo a basic medical test and drug/alcohol screening before you are permitted to undertake PTS recertification. You also need a sponsor (usually your employer).

You must also have your white hat, and you need to have completed your blue PTS logbook.

Before you take the course, it’s a very good idea to reacquaint yourself with the contents of the Personal Track Safety handbook and remind yourself of the complete definition of a Safe System of Work.

When Will My Recertification be Complete?

The duration of a PTS recertification course is one day, 48 hours after which your qualification will be added to your sentinel card.

It is vital that you book your PTS recertification in enough time for there to be no gap between your first qualification and you’re second, as this means you will not be permitted to work on or near the railway.

For further information about the training and services provided by Real Skills, simply take a look at our list of available rail courses today. Otherwise, call us on 0151 257 6969 or email info@real-skills.co.uk with any questions you may have and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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