Is the rail a career for you?

Do you consider the railway a career for you? Do you enjoy working in the outdoors as part of a team? Working in this professional and skilled environment can be highly rewarding and can offer great Job Satisfaction as well as a competitive salary. There are a huge variety of roles within the industry dependant on your skills and these opportunities will increase as more investment is made in the rail industry.

Growth in the Rail Industry

With the UK railways currently undergoing a transformation unlike anything seen in their history, there has never been a better time to start a career in the rail industry.

The £411 billion investment in infrastructure projects and programmes which started in 2015 is being driven by a growth in activity. Rail journeys on the 10,261 route miles of track in the UK has doubled in the past 20 years to around 3.2 billion a year, carrying 1.7 billion passengers and 110 million tonnes of freight whilst there is still significant future growth in freight and passenger traffic is expected.

“When we’re investing £70 billion in transport in this Parliament alone, we need a new generation of engineers, designers and construction professionals, as well as highly skilled people to operate the networks once they’re opened”. Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, August 2015.

High Speed 2 is a planned high-speed railway in the United Kingdom and is set to form the core of what will be one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. HS2 alone will create around 25,000 jobs during construction and 3,000 jobs when in operation.

“Quite simply, the prospects for the industry are more exciting than they have been for generations” said Baroness Susan Kramer, the former minister of state for transport.

How to start a career in the Rail Industry?

You can begin your career in Rail industry once you have a Personal Track Safety (PTS) certificate, a Sponsor, a Sentinel card and an ICI assessment.

What is a PTS?

For Network Rail to know you are safe to work on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure (NRMI) you must first have successfully completed a Personal Track Safety (PTS) qualification. A PTS ensures that rail workers are aware of their surroundings so that they do not enter situations where the aforementioned accidents are likely to occur, are able to move around the line-side safely and are able to react appropriately to circumstances (e.g. the approach of a train). Anyone wishing to gain their PTS certificate needs to be sponsored by a Network Rail approved company and have an in date Network Rail standard medical/drugs & alcohol test. On achieving a PTS qualification your sponsor will issue you with a Sentinel Card (PTS Card).

What is Sponsorship?

A Sponsor is an organisation that is approved by Network Rail that establishes an agreement with an individual for work on NRMI. It is also an organisation responsible for putting an Individual to work on NRMI and can be a Primary Sponsor or a Sub-Sponsor.

The Primary Sponsor is the organisation that is accountable for maintaining the sponsorship arrangements with the Individual and for ensuring their continued competence and fitness for work through a Contract of Sponsorship. Only Primary Sponsors are permitted to issue Sentinel Smart Cards or request their withdrawal. The Primary Sponsor shall undertake checks of an Individual’s suitability to work on (NRMI) prior to engaging in a Contract of Sponsorship. In addition to the Primary Sponsor you can have up to two sub-sponsors.

What is a Sentinel Card?

A Sentinel card, more commonly known as a PTS Card,  is an identity card that is issued and controlled through the Sentinel Scheme and which can be read electronically to provide information on an Individual’s fitness and competence, including safety critical information. The card will display a photograph of the Individual and a unique Sentinel Scheme reference number for identification purposes. All other information will be verified through access to the online Sentinel Scheme Database including a record of all rail training completed.

What is an ICI Assessment?

The Industry Common Induction (ICI) provides staff with a health and safety induction for working in construction sites, rail depots and station maintenance. It is an online assessment that covers the safety procedures and risks that are common across the rail industry, whatever the role and type of site.

Other Network Rail Qualifications?

You need to be qualified to perform any role or use any piece of equipment on the NRMI. Real Skills can provide your PTS, ICI and more. For information on our training courses please refer to our website www.real-skills.co.uk

If you need any help of require any further information, Real Skills Training Limited will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

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