How A Rail Safe Work Leader Course Will Uplevel Your Career

Working on the railways is fulfilling, practical and offers multiple chances to progress forward.

If you’ve started your career on the railways and you and your line manager feel like it’s time to take a further step to gain more responsibilities, there are many courses that can help you move forward in your career. 

Like the Individual Working Alone training, the Protection Controller assessment, or the Rail Safe Work Leader course.

Here’s all there is to know about how a Rail Safe Work Leader course will help you uplevel your career…

What Is A Safe Work Leader?

As the name suggests, it’s a professional who’s in charge of managing the overall safety of the planned work on the railways. 

A Rail Safe Work Leader must be able to plan a safety strategy to ensure that all onsite operations can run smoothly without risks for the other workers. 

Being in a  position of high responsibility requires specific training, certification and dedicated mentorship from your line manager.

How Can A Rail Safe Work Leader Course Improve Your Career?

#1 You Must Be Certified To Be One

The first, most important reason to enrol in a safe work leader course is that you cannot become one without the proper training and certification. 

#2 It Proves That You Are A Reliable Worker

Being a safe work leader is a position that comes with important duties: you will be expected to carry out all the necessary activities to ensure that all operations can run without any risks for passengers and workers alike. 

That is why in order to qualify to become one you have to be nominated by your line manager/sponsor, guaranteeing that you are fit for the position. 

#3 It Helps You Stay Updated With The Latest Safety Regulations

In order to plan an efficient safety strategy, you are required to stay updated with the latest safety regulations and guidelines of the Railway Group. 

This is fundamental for your career, as it shows that you are not afraid of taking on new challenges and learning new things for the sake of others.

#4 It Allows You To Improve The Other Workers’ Conditions

Being in charge of the safety plans for your line of work allows you to have an impact on the other workers’ conditions. 

Through your skills and knowledge, you will be able to change your line of work’s condition for the better, ensuring that everyone can work in a secure environment. 

#5 It Can Be Used In Other Areas As Well

With a Rail Safe Work Leader course, you will be able to take on other responsibilities as well. For example, if you are deemed as medically fit, you can also carry out the duties of an Individual Work Alone. 

#6 It Comes In Two Levels

There are currently two levels to the rail safe work leader course. Through the second level, you will be able to perform Safe Work Leader duties on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure Projects. The SWL 2 competence supersedes SWL 1 enabling you to perform both duties on different shifts if necessary.

Take The Next Step For Your Career…

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