All You Need To Know About Personal Track Safety Training And Recertification

Working on the railways has many perks and is an amazing career option for someone who enjoys a stable income, plus an extremely dynamic and fast-paced environment. 

But as exciting and useful as it is, it also comes with a long series of risks and challenges. Workers have to be ready to face these on a daily basis. Think of all the dangers related to railways: starting from being hit by a train to being electrocuted. It’s not your average office job! There are many behaviours you have to follow in order to work in the safest possible conditions.

That’s why getting the right training and certifications is fundamental for anyone working on the railways!

For anyone wanting to embark on a career on the rails the first thing you should work on is your Personal Track Safety Training. An entry-level qualification covers all aspects of safety needed for your career.

Here’s all you need to know about personal track safety training and how to get started…

Personal Track Safety Training: What Is It?

You want to start your career with the goal of working trackside: well you can’t do that without the proper certification. As this is an entry-level requirement, track safety training covers many areas involving onsite security, emergency management, and response. 

And it is also a must-have, as you won’t be insured without one.

It’s a good place to start that can later be combined with other courses and assessments as you move forward with your career. 

How Does It Work?

Before getting your PTS training you will need to undergo a medical examination to determine that you are physically and mentally fit for work. You will also need to find a reputable rail company to sponsor you during your journey. 

Usually, it is the company you are already working for or the one you intend to apply to that acts as your sponsor. We are able to assist you with information to help you to approach potential sponsors.

How Is It Taught?

With railway training being a dynamic, hands-on environment, we couldn’t possibly think of teaching this course without providing our students with the proper experience. 

That’s why our PTS training offers our students the opportunity to work trackside and start familiarising themselves with real-world experience. Of course, before any on-site training, we offer a safety briefing, assessing all of the possible risks, and answering questions you might have. 

We want you to learn in the safest possible way.

That’s why we will also make sure that you will have the right safety footwear and PPE.

How Long Does It Take To Complete?

You might think that a certification with this much potential would take years to complete. The course takes place over one day and it’s the perfect opportunity to put into practice all the skills you learned about in class.

Do I Need To Retake It?

As with many other work certifications, the PTS expires. When that happens you need to get a recertification to continue to prove that you are safe to work trackside. 

A PTS Recertification takes one day to complete and covers everything that you already have learned from the first one. It’s just a further assessment to ensure that you can still continue working safely in a fast-paced environment.

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