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Almost every business and trade will rely on some type of power tool or small plant machinery – and the rail industry is no different. Though these tools are often lighter and easier to handle than heavy units, it’s important to know how to use them safely and correctly. That’s why we offer PTS small tools training, here at Real Skills Training.

Candidates will be shown how to operate and use power tools that are used within the rail industry. This could be anything from drills to rail saws, wrenches, abrasive wheels, and more.

There are no scheduled sessions listed for this course as we arrange training on request – making it more convenient for you. Just give us a call on 0151 257 6969 and let us know when suits you best, and we will do everything we can to arrange training for then.


To apply for a place on the small tools course, all we ask is for employers (or the candidate themself) to submit a booking form. You can also register your interest, or find out more about the course, by calling us.

Course Objectives:

Consider our training program as a small tools ticket.

Upon successful completion, candidates will know how to operate hand and power tools appropriately – ensuring safety at all times. They will also have the confidence to use the following apparatus, unaided:

  • Impact wrenches
  • Generator and light
  • Cobra TT
  • Hand trolley
  • Rail saw/abrasive wheel
  • Cembre rail drill
  • Sleeper drill

Aside from this, delegates will be able to:

  • Undertake inspection and pre-start checks
  • Perform starting and stopping procedures
  • Demonstrate how to use tools safely
  • Change abrasive wheels for a disc cutter
  • Outline how to deal with defective equipment
  • Outline the safety requirements for the refuelling of a small plant


1 day. The course includes a mix of classroom sessions with demonstrations and practical exercises. Delegates even get the opportunity to practice setting up and using small tools in a risk-free environment!

Maximum Attendees: 8

We offer our small tools course for a maximum of 8 candidates at a time. We find that providing training for smaller groups allows individuals to fully benefit from our trainer’s knowledge, understanding and expertise.


Although it’s not something all training providers offer, we will issue a Real Skills Small Tools Training card (or a small tools ticket) showing all tools completed and their expiry dates.

Want to know more about our small tools training?

Feel free to get in touch. Our team is always on hand and will be more than happy to help. Either call 0151 257 6969 or drop us an email at info@real-skills.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

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