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A track safety course providing the underpinning knowledge required to safely carry out work in a DCCR environment in line with Network Rail Standards

This course is essential for anybody who may be interested in working near a DCCR line. It is designed provide candidates with the skills and knowledge required to work safely near DC conductor rails.

If there are no scheduled sessions listed for this training course we can arrange courses on request.

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Prereqs: Medical, Drugs & Alcohol test, sponsorship, booking form, e-learning and PTS qualification, DCCR Key Point Booklet.

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to:

  1. Understand the DC electrified system and identify the main components of the DC rail system.
  2. Identify hazards and risks associated with the DC conductor Rail and DC isolations, along with full safety knowledge.
  3. Understand the work safe and emergency response procedures.
  4. Demonstrate the correct application and removal of conductor rail shields.

Duration: 1 Day

Maximum Attendees: 12

Certification: The DCCR qualification will be added to your Sentinel card within 48hrs of completion of the course.

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