Getting qualified to work on the railway this summer

Are you looking to start work on the railway? Working in the rail industry is a fulfilling career to pursue but is also one of the most challenging environments to work in. There are so many opportunities to be taken away from the railway training that we specialise in here at Real Skills Training, enabling you to get your career started, sooner rather than later.

If you’re looking to start work on the railway this summer, we have just the solution for you. Here’s how we suggest getting qualified to work on the railways in the UK:

Join a Recruitment Agency.

Depending on your current circumstances, you may not have a sponsor. For those who already work for the rail industry, you are likely to have a sponsor. If this is your first time applying to work in this field of work, you will need to find a suitable sponsor to apply for any railway training course.

Sponsorship will create a Sentinel profile which will be regularly updated as you progress in your career and any training that is completed will be listed within this profile. As well as this sponsors book PTS training on your behalf. At Real Skills we can provide training for up to 12 candidates at our in-house facilities, however, we can also carry out onsite PTS training for various candidates, bringing our training to you.

By joining a recruitment agency, admin is taken care of professionally and you’re more likely to find secure job opportunities in the future, not just this summer!

Complete Health Assessments.

Prior to applying for railway training, you need to be medically fit to work on or near the railway. The railway line is a dangerous environment, needless to say, with moving maintenance vehicles and high-speed trains in operation.

There are countless risks associated with working on the railway line, hence why all candidates wanting to work in this industry need to undergo medical assessments before training commences.

Here at Real Skills, we cannot offer a place on the PTS training to candidates who have experienced drug or alcohol-related abuse, as this could compromise their safety and the safety of others. To find out more, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0151 257 6969.

Start Railway Training.

Once you’ve found a reputable sponsor, you can start applying for training courses. For any candidate who is planning on starting a career on the railways this summer, the railway training needs to be completed.

PTS training is mandatory. Without Personal Track Safety training, individuals won’t have a PTS Card which essentially prevents them from working on the railway line. The PTS Card is used to identify how much experience an employee has and states that they are safe to work.

Training courses provided by Real Skills are geared around the requirements of all individuals who are looking to get started this summer; we aim to deliver PTS training that is relevant and useful. We offer candidates with ample opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding, but most importantly, we ensure that they know what is expected of them.

Apply for Personal Track Safety.

If you’re wondering what is required of you before you receive your PTS Card, look no further than Real Skills! Our training determines responsibilities and enables candidates to demonstrate their ability to interpret the Personal Track Safety Handbook.

The Personal Track Safety course is made up of two parts; E-Learning and assessment. The combination of the two ensures that candidates are up to date with regulations and can put into practice what they have learnt theoretically.

E-Learning equips individuals with basic knowledge and understanding, addressing health and safety risks and considering potential hazards associated with the infrastructure. The assessment has a pass rate of 80% and is designed to test candidates knowledge, ensuring that they know how to behave when working trackside or on the railway line. When the assessment is completed successfully, it will be added to your Sentinel profile and your sponsor will order your PTS Card, allowing you to progress further.

Qualify this Summer.

Getting started is often considered to be the hardest part but once your foot is in the door, you’ll have ample opportunity to develop a wealth of new skills and experience.

The team here at Real Skills Training are dedicated to helping candidates to achieve their aspirations. With our help, there is no reason why you cannot qualify to work on the railway this summer. We make sure that all training materials used are appropriate, allowing you to gain a true insight into what you’ll be doing when working on the railway, maximising safety and working efficiently.

So, if you’ve decided that a career in the rail industry is right for you, make sure that you book in advance to avoid disappointment! Get in touch with us to find out more today!

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