5 Massive Benefits Of Being A Controller Of Site Safety

Having a career in railways can be challenging, as it helps people improve their skills on a daily basis.

If you’ve been working in the railway industry for some time, you’re willing to further progress in this career, and your supervisor thinks that you have what it takes to go forward, taking a rail assessment course might be worth a try. Here’s all you need to know about our Controller Of Site Safety Course and the 5 massive benefits of a career as a site safety controller…. 

1# You’ll Be In Charge Of The Safety…

If you have spent enough time working in railways, you’ll know that there are countless roles within the industry. A Controller of Site Safety is a key responsible for setting up the correct safety standards on the worksite, communicating with other employees and making sure that everything can proceed safely. 

It’s a huge responsibility, and, as intimidating as it might sound, if your line manager or sponsor thinks that you are up to the task you should definitely take a step further in this direction.  By becoming a Controller of Site Safety you will also ensure that your coworkers – and travellers, of course!- can work -or travel- in a safe and controlled infrastructure.

2# You’ll Boost Your Career…

Even being considered for a Controller of Site Safety (COSS) Sentinel certificate is a significant career step per se, as it means that you have proven yourself -and your line managers- to be more than skilled in your job and that you are a reliable worker. But with this new qualification, you will also be able to further progress in your career by taking other assessments or certifications, effectively boosting your career in the railway industry.

3# You Will Gain Useful Skills…

Amongst all the undoubtedly fundamental skills and rules you will need to learn in order to get your certification, you will also be required to develop strong problem solving and communication skills. At the end of your Controller of Site Safety course you will have proven to have exceptional skills in the role you are studying for. But also that you are capable of multitasking, a good communicator, team player, and that you are well capable of working under pressure. Generally speaking, it shows that you are a conscientious worker.  All of these skills will incredibly help you in all aspects of your life, not just in your railway career.

4# It Has A Short Duration

A COSS Certificate has a really short duration, and that will enable you to maximise your learning abilities while still being active in the workplace and not spending too much time in a classroom. Our course takes about six days to be completed and you will receive your results in 48 hours time. Perfectly acceptable, for a career-changing qualification that will positively impact your work!

5# You Can Have It Funded…

If you are interested but still somehow dubious about the cost, please know that all of our courses can be funded through a finance through Duologi. 

Are You Interested? 

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