Applying for PTS Cards

Personal Track Safety is just one of the rail courses we provide, here at Real Skills. We supply the PTS training course to provide candidates with an insight into what can be expected from working in the railway industry.

PTS is a requirement for all individuals looking to pursue a career in the industry, making sure that they know the best practice for safety in the workplace. We provide the training to suit candidates who want to work on or near the railway line, ensuring that they know how to work safely.

About the course.

If you’re looking to find out a little more information about Personal Track Safety, look no further! The PTS course is delivered by our licenced and experienced trainers, here at Real Skills, they will guide you through the course using approved training material.

The course lasts one day and will cover aspects of track safety, regardless of whether you want to work in the train station, on the platform or on the railway track.


To apply for your PTS Cards, you need to undergo an assessment. Here at Real Skills, we provide the training for candidates who are safe to work, therefore, you’ll need to take part in medical assessments including, drug and alcohol tests. These tests will need to be carried out beforehand.

For a place on the PTS programme, you need to be ambitious! We offer the training to candidates who have the desire to work in the rail industry.

Another necessary requirement is that you find sponsorship for your training course.


We provide our training to suit the requirements of most individuals, however, sponsorship is a must. PTS cards are only available to those who have sponsorship. Any rail company that sponsors you, needs to be approved.

Sponsorship is an entry level requirement for the PTS training course that we supply- so make sure that you have this prior to applying!

PTS Card importance.

Wondering why PTS cards are such a big deal? We offer our course to those who are serious about pursuing a career trackside, it’s essential that you know what’s expected of you and what you can expect the role to entail.

PTS cards demonstrate that you’ve achieved all the relevant accreditation to work on the railways. Any individual that has a PTS card is authorised to work, it’s a simple yet secure method for checking that employees have completed their training and are safe to work.

Once you have completed our training, the certification will be added to your Sentinel Card/ PTS Card within 48 hours.

Apply today!

Real Skills are the specialists when it comes to training and education, can you afford to miss out on our PTS training? Like any of the courses that we provide, the Personal Track Safety course is approved and offers high-quality training, providing you with an abundance of knowledge.

If you’re looking to create a skilled workforce, meeting all rail demands, you cannot go wrong with Real Skills training for your employees!

Don’t hesitate to apply for our course today, call us on 0151 257 6969!

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